the freeland information station
in november of 2000, a handful of designers came together in order to make a site about the fictional city of freeland. over the years since then, the freeland collaborative as it became known, grew like the city itself. what follows is a list of the talented and giving people who were part of that experience.

aaronsdad [usa] [HOFx2]
builder and father extroardinaire with numerous buildings to his credit here and at the maxis exchange. member of the original sc3 hall of fame.
maxis awards: runnerup, heartbreak hotel contest
site manager

adaminthemiddle [usa]
the big unsarcastic cat from nowhere ohio is an official mayor at maxis and future realworld architect who still owns a pencil and likes to show us what he can do with it.
site supporter

amiliarch [usa]
runs his own detail, paint and building shops here, specializing in requests. big on big buildings. quite possibly not our youngest freelander anymore.
site supporter

artaxis [usa] [HOF]
cofounder of the comco77 futurists club and maker of everything and anything futuristic or otherwise.
maxis awards: runnerup, halloween contest
site supporter

berserk666 [usa] [HOF]
specialist at unusual props like the flying saucer at freeland defense specialists, as well as computer mumbo-jumbo. he never sleeps. he has pepsi in his blood. don't mess with him.
founder and site manager

big bad red [usa]
he usually has the #1 rated city at maxis. if he didn't root for the lakers he would be an alright guy. head of real estate and city planning around here, among many other things - unfortunately, he may have been abducted by aliens.
maxis awards:1st place, spooky halloween contest; honorable mention, 1x1contest
site manager

birch23 [denmark] [HOF]
he has the most buildings at the sc building exchange and was an official mayor there.

bjn550 [USA]
at over 200 buildings at the maxis exchange, bjn550 was trying hard to close in on birch's record. most will know him for his humor and fountain tiles along with his many building series. he and his site mysteriously disappeared in 2002.
site manager [former]

boxershorts [usa]
he was away in marlonland putting out fires for a year and a half, but now is back to grace us with his blend of classical and futurist behavior. founder of B.A.R.F.

brinvion [usa]
futuristic, imaginative and colorful customs, buildings and artwork are his now recognizable signature. apparently he likes to eat creatively as well.
site supporter

bzrburns [usa] [HOF]
probably the best propmaker of all time as well as creator of many very detailed buildings to be found here and at maxis. her building, shady oaks, was chosen for the best of the web logo at maxis.
maxis awards: 1st place, holiday contest; 3rd place tie, 1x1 contest
founder and site manager

carlbone [usa]
maker of all of the buildings that keep a city running: from warehouses to shipping concerns to transportation locations. another one of those father extraordinaires.
site manager

cathmelar [sweden]
talented builder, graphics specialist and writer of many a twisted story. no longer our youngest member, but still wise beyond his years.
site supporter

claycoyote [usa]
one day in freeland, claycoyote thought it would be a good idea for her and a few friends to write an ongoing novel in the freeland forum. we think she even played simcity at one time too.
site supporter

coach [canada]
excellent 3D modeller of many props found throughout freeland, including the city globe. in his spare time he likes to - surprise - coach!
site supporter

couchpotato [usa] [HOF]
known for her custom paints and details, she has been bapping for a long time and may also be recognized by her building kankakee junior high, which maxis included in the game sc3ku.
maxis awards: honorable mention, 1x1 and fairy princess contests
founder and site manager

cyclepuppy [usa]
he arrived on the scene with his small victorian buildings for freeland village, but is now famous for being the guy who made the first user-made building for sc 4. he's famous for his dog and bike obsessions too.
site supporter

djturkey [germany]
part of the new breed that came in during 2002. can make any style building in any size. part-time spinmaster at KFRE radio here in freeland.
site manager

dullemond [netherlands] [HOF]
maker of finely detailed and totally customized buildings, props, details and paints. each piece is a work of art. shes usually surrounded by many guys. and i think many fans as well. call her "doc".
founder and site manager

eduarqui [brazil]
urban design expert known as the 1958 spaceboy to his friends. he runs the comco77 twilight zone and southern wing of the freeland museum of architecture. he's also a big birthday kind of guy.
site manager

erikmesa [usa]
probably the best known stadium maker outside of carmensdad. we think he lives in the desert as a hermit, but that can't be verified.
site manager [former]

fredfree [usa] [HOF]
big fan of ketchup and sc3urk. likes to write this stuff here.
maxis awards: honorable mention, back to school contest; 3rd place tie, 1x1 contest; 1st place spooky halloween contest; 1st place holiday contest; 1st place heartbreak hotel contest; 1st place spooky halloween contest [2001]
founder and site manager

ian [usa]
specializes in redeveloping buildings and trying to get people to come to town meetings. may be a cheesehead as well.
site manager [former]

jhertzler [usa]
whacky and unusual are his middle names. never know what he is going to do or offer visitors to his business here or at his own simcitysite. vanished in 2002.
site manager [former]

makkinen [england]
bar manager and futurist designer [not necessarily in that order]. he keeps strange hours, but
always eats well.
site supporter

marciozhugo [brazil]
regular but quiet contributor of highly detailed baps. not bad for a lawyer.
site supporter

mayor todd [usa]
he is actually a psychic medium. the real creative genius is his dachshund, "abby" - she channels her creative thoughts through him and with his opposable thumbs he makes enchanted props and buildings. an excellent citizen too.
site manager

mikeseith [usa] [HOF]
the first person to make custom props for simcity unlimited. his cars and trucks are used by everyone on the planet at this point. has his own sc site as well.
site supporter

mimita [canada]
coffee and good cheer dispenser of the year in 2002. her contributions and supportive attitude keep several parts of freeland running.
site manager

msthingjoy [usa]
creative writer and thinker and maker of invisible paints. has her own simcitysite as well. pretty sure she has a banjo on her knee.
site manager [former]

newstylearchitect [netherlands]
his wide range of highly rated buildings and cities, along with his participation in many collabortive efforts both in freeland and at maxis, make him one of the oddest nonselections for the HOF.
site supporter

ntropolis [usa]
officially arrived in town during the macadam school contest, but was seen driving around in his ford explorer months before that.
site manager [former]

phantom433 [usa]
takes care of things at the freeland forum [keeps the party going] [sometimes] as well offering his services in many other ways. call him clyde. or is it bubba?
site manager [former]

roopanop [netherlands] [HOF]
nothing is off limits for this very creative individual. he likes to put cranes together and make amazing music on the side. he's quite sneaky too.
site supporter

scatterbones [usa]
burst onto the freeland scene in a rainbow of skyscraping colors and friendly forum greetings. he apparently owns every piece of music ever written.
site manager

seveneleven117 [usa]
fast food, fast gas, fast roads - seveneleven117 is our local convenience store of commercial logos and all things highway-ish. he's long gone racin' now, but his work here remains.
site manager

sf barry [usa] [HOF]
winner of best overall project in maxis' original sc3ku back to school contest, barry has gone on to build an incredible amount of highly detailed work for freeland. he has the world's largest cat and is proud of it.
maxis awards: 1st place & Best of Show, back to school contest
founder and site manager

sircarl [usa]
winner of the macadam high school contest here at freeland and maker of the largest multi-tiled project at the maxis exchange.
maxis awards: 1st place, heartbreak hotel contest (5x5)
site supporter

someformofhuman [singapore]
freeland's only member from asia comes here with a love of classic hits and a portfolio of building designs that cross all styles and types.
site supporter

starbryte [usa]
unofficial hug expert at the freeland rec center, as well as curator of the portrait studios. she also takes care of her own simcity site and webring.
site manager

superdeluge [canada]
as a sc3urk specialist, super-D managed to make all kinds of buildings available for sc3ku with his special talent. we think he took off to hang out with the polar bears.
founder and site manager [former]

tegrof [canada]
his imaginative constructions, creative shadow techniques and thorough reinterpretation of expo67, make him a genuine standout in bapland. he has a lot of fun with sand and sounds too.
site manager

thebigtater [usa]
a tourist from tatertown who came looking for the world's largest potato and ended up staying and sharing his perfectly detailed take on american roadside buildings.
site manager

thegrindres [usa]
old blues guy who lost a bet and had to start a site in freeland to pay it off. he's been working with computers since they were invented. be careful of his cane.
site manager

tubapro [usa]
not sure whether he's a tuba professional or not, but he is big on phobias and pc language.
and simcity.
site manager

vanderaap [netherlands] [HOF]
another excellent designer from holland who does it all in the customs department as well. moonlights as a lego master. call him v-apps.
site manager

vexon777 [usa]
vp of big bad red enterprises and artist in his own right. scored 111 higher than berserk666 on his freeland collaborative entrance exam.
site manager

vmm [usa] [HOF]
always a good idea to have a new yorker on board. great but quiet bapper who owns his own bap shack in freeland. he's been doing this since the old BAT days.
site manager

zipzapzop [usa]
this very smart zipper from blahsemoola is the only one at freeland to even open his scenario maker, let alone understand it and create his own.
site manager

[HOF] = Hall of Fame Member at the Official Maxis SimCity Site

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