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Founded 1850
Freeland Village in Spring is Still Open!
The Village Shoppe is Now Closed
The Winter Village is Now Closed
The Winter Village
Freeland Village was established 50 years before the City of Freeland to support the gold miners that came in a great rush in 1850. As the city of Freeland grew, merchants and industrialists gravitated towards the seaport and the newly run railroad to provide support for their businesses.
In the years after the intial rush for riches, the population dwindled and the Village gradually settled into the farming community that it is today. Because the land was and is the richest and most fertile agricultural property in the Simworld, many of the SimMilk and SimBread you drink and eat today comes from here. But we are growing something else now! As more and more people rediscover the joys of Village life, many young folks are moving into the community to raise their children and fulfill their own dreams of living as their great grandparents once did - call it the
"Olde Rush".

In celebration of this newfound desire for the Simple life, some talented people at the Village Arts and Crafts Center created a fictional
Winter Wonderland version of our little town.
The City Limits
This is the place.
Mostly snow-covered wilderness and frozen open plains, it does have
one very special heart of a Village snuggled up to the
icy shores of Snowflake Lake.
Many of the actual locations from Freeland Village have been recreated and placed in this glistening setting. Everything from the tiny Bus Stop to the daunting Dude Ranch have found their way here - the Furniture Maker's shop, the Grammar School, the Town Gas Station, the Ice Cream Shoppe, the old Train Depot and even the Pizzeria as well. A few places, including the Ice Sculpture Park, only exist in this wintery creation.
All in all, some 120 different Freeland Village spots.

But that's not all.
After you have toured the Winter Village,
be sure to visit the Village Shoppe to enjoy a cup of Hot Apple Cider and find all of the Custom Collectibles used in this enourmous project
....don't go home empty-handed!
Last but not least, don't leave without visiting the actual Village:
Not a winter wonderland, but still a great place to live and work in harmony with nature and in touch with the simpler things in life.
Freeland Village:
Winter Wonderland
Population: 18,000
Budget: 5 million
Landmarks: 120
Thanks for stopping by!
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